Lindsay Maitland Hunt


Not just another food blog.

It's 2019 and the culture has changed.

Philanthropy is expected from corporations. We expect integrity, ethical values, and a charitable angle from modern companies. In liberal circles, advocating for women's rights, championing diversity, and fighting climate change are a given. These are wonderful advancements. But, in most recipes, the bottom line is just about delicious or hooking a craving mentality. Why do we accept this status quo?

I spent years developing recipes for whatever was asked of me, whether it was using croissants from a can or my own dream to perfect chocolate chip cookies. It got me a lot of likes on Instagram and it made me a popular guest at a party. It’s more fun to show up with brownies than to be the one with seltzer and carrots.

Delicious first, all else second was how I approached recipe developing for a long time. I cared about short ingredient lists and smart methods because that made dinner easier. Taking health into account felt limiting and sad. (And truthfully, I felt like healthy recipes weren’t the stuff of people like me.) But now, (or for now at least, because nothing is permanent), that time is done.

After getting sick with a grab bag of issues (thyroid, depression, weight gain, itching, bloating, acid reflux you name it) I had to reassess my values. Just delicious wasn’t working for my body. After a difficult reckoning that has taken years, I have come to the realization that how I eat is the key to being healthy. For a long time, I continued to take freelance work that didn’t align with the way I live, but it felt wrong. Why go through all this painful growth only to hide what I’ve learned? So, at the risk of unpopularity, the recipes I write now have to be both good for you and delicious. As I’m researching gut health and deepening my expertise about the connection between what we eat and how we feel, it’s getting easier to stop shilling for sugar.

My work now is to make food that can improve how you feel, and maybe even improve health outcomes, as it did for me. The recipes will still be delicious, streamlined, and practical. As a culture, we are focused on living authentically and on improving our lives. Feeding our bodies healthfully is part of living in a way that's aligned with those values, and I am here to help you, if you want.

Lindsay Maitland Hunt